Is the driver automatically at fault in a one-car accident in Florida?


One-Car Accident Miami-Dade Broward Palm-Beach  Florida

Driving accidents are not always the result of a collision between two vehicles. Single-vehicle accidents may be the result of other circumstances, such as malfunctioning equipment, defective tires, negligence by another driver causing you to lose control of the vehicle, possible road hazards, slippery surfaces, gas or oil spills, or poor signs or road design.

If you have suffered injuries resulting from one-car accident in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach counties, you should not assume that the fault is automatically yours. If you believe there were extenuating circumstances beyond your control that led to the accident, an experienced and aggressive South Florida accident lawyer will minutely research all possible causes for the accident, help you determine your legal rights, and fight on your behalf against insurance companies.

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